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  1. A Primer on Prostate Cancer,
    Stephen Strum, MD Donna Pogliano
    Copyright 2002, Published by The Life Extension Foundation
  2. Prostate Cancer: A Non-Surgical Perspective,
    Kent Wallner, M.D.
    ISBN: 0964899108
  3. Prostate Cancer: A Survivor's Guide (3rd Edition) by Don Kaltenbach with Tim Richards,
    Copyright 1996, 273 pages.
  4. Making the Prostate Therapy Decision,
    Jeff Baggish, M.D.


  1. Recurrence: What do I do now? by Don Kaltenbach,
    Copyright 1996, 24 pages
  2. How to Interpret Your Biopsy And other Lab Reports by Don Kaltenbach,
    Copyright 1998, 32 pages
  3. What Every Man Should Know About Seeding by Don Kaltenbach,
    Copyright 1996, 40 pages
  4. Hormonal Therapy: Will It Benefit Me? By Don Kaltenbach,
    Copyright 1997, 36 pages
  5. PSA: How a Simple Blood Test Can Save Your Life by Don Kaltenbach,
    Copyright 1998, 32 pages


  1. The Healing Seed: One Man's Journey by Don Kaltenbach,
    Copyright 1997, 30 minute video

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