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Around the world, prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men and is second to lung cancer for male related deaths. In the Caribbean, our sister isle of Tobago is second only to Jamaica, which holds the highest incidence of the disease worldwide. Recent advances both in the form of early detection and treatment now make it easier to detect and treat this cancer before it becomes a life-threatening illness. The biggest challenge is to get men over the age of 40 to have annual prostate checks so as to ensure earlier detection is achieved.

PROSTATE BRACHYTHERAPY (Radioactive Seed Implant) has emerged as a very promising and successful treatment for men diagnosed with localized or early prostate cancer.

Many clinical studies, in support of the success of Prostate Brachytherapy have now been published with over 12 years of curative data.

On April 25, 2001 history was created when Trinidad and Tobago Prostate Brachytherapy Limited (TTPB Ltd.) performed its first radioactive seed implant in Trinidad and Tobago at the Gulf View Medical Centre. Leading the team was Dr. Thomas G. Shanahan, radiation oncologist and recipient of the ‘Best Doctor in America’ award and an expert in prostate cancer at the Chicago Prostate Cancer Centre (CPCC).

In the initial stages of implementing its Brachytherapy Programme, TTPB Ltd. invested a substantial amount of money on medical training at the Chicago Prostate Cancer Centre, for the entire medical team which comprised of six urologists, ultrasonographer, medical physicist and radiologist. Here they were able to participate in actual brachytherapy procedures under the supervision of other skilled and experienced oncologists, ultrasonographers and radiologists at the Centre. Our medical Physicist also spent time with an experienced dosimetrist at a clinical site in Chicago where medical and applications’ training on the seed planning programme was obtained.

Subsequent to training, TTPB Ltd. engaged in a proctorship programme with the CPCC which facilitated the provision of hands-on patient selection issues, pre-and post plan reviews and procedure approvals.

To date, TTPB Ltd. has performed well over 400 seed implants and the procedures are done at multiple hospitals, both private and public. During the proctorship, an experienced procedural nurse form Chicago was brought in to help train the nursing staff. A safety officer is present at all procedures and patients are periodically followed up by TTPB staff through an annual patient survey.

AT TTPB Ltd, we strive to maintain the highest level of patient care and comfort as we understand the needs of our patients: physical, emotional and psychological.

We hope that this website has assisted many men and their families, by way of education, support and most importantly in making the right choice in selecting a treatment.

Finally, we offer a special ‘congratulations” to the many men who recognize the importance of annual testing, and encourage other men to follow…we extend a words of encouragement to the many families or support systems of those men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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